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MENtor Program

Wyngate Care currently runs mentoring/coaching sessions for young males with intellectual disabilities, mental health issues or disengaged youth that are having trouble integrating into day placement programs, work,school, having trouble making friends, have anger management issues and are part of, or at risk of entering the Justice System.

Our new program called the MENtor Program is starting in February 2014 to bring young males together to work on making friends, group contributions, life skills, entering the work force or day placement, and anger management. Group Sessions comprise of cooking (healthy meals), playing sport (team work), small building projects, travel training, recreation (fishing, bowling, movies), computer/internet skills, and much more, to encourage mateship, responsibility, empowerment, and independence. 

To sign up for more information, please fill in the following form, and we will call you to organise a phone consultation to see if your loved one/client, might be suitable for the program, or alternatively call 1300767290 or email kelly@wyngatecare.com.au

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