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The beginning....

Starting a new blog is always a bit daunting. What am I going to write about? What information do I want to share? How will the blog serve my readers? Will I even get any readers?

These have been the things going through my head the past few days, since I decided that Wyngate Care needed a blog. I needed to establish what information I wanted to share about our company. What would our staff and client's be interested in? I wanted to start an online information sharing community, not only between Wyngate Care staff and clients, but also other organisations, other services, training companies specialising in Community Services, psychologists, occupational therapists, medical practitioners, consultants, speech pathologists and anyone interested in getting into the field.

I had a million idea's about who I wanted as guest contributors (Basically my superhero's!), and the knowledge they could all share, and the topics I'd like them to write about. But no idea of what I wanted to write about!

So here it is, the first blog, which essentially is just about writing a blog!

I'd love to hear from anyone who has a vested interest in Community Services, giving idea's of what they would like to read about, what they would like more information on. Who they would like to hear from.

I'd love to have a broad range of topics, from Aged Care, Disability, Mental Health, Drug and Alcohol, Sexuality, Homelessness, the Justice System and more. I already have some guest contributors lined up, people with disabilities, support workers, psychologists, community service trainers, people from different organisations, consultants and many more.

These people have so much important information to share. Some will be accepted whole heartedly. Some will be controversial. But all will be real people, with real life stories to share to open your minds, open your hearts, and help you look at things from another side.

If you are interested in being a guest contributor, please contact us as soon as possible. Spots are filling fast. Email our editor at:

We hope this blog will serve our online community, and hope you will all contribute in some way, with comments, suggestions and sharing your personal stories. Stick with us, and lets see where we go!


Nicole Makin-Doherty is the Managing Director of Wyngate Care, a community services organisation specialising in Disability Care, Aged Care, Home and Community Care, Counselling, Youth Outreach and much more.

Visit Wyngate Care here

Contact Nicole at:

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